Who is VBA?

Hello, my name is Abbi and most of the time you’ll find me hiding behind my camera. I am a petite brunette with a love of all things visual. From interior design, coffee table books, art galleries and more, I’m always absorbing myself in activities that feed my creative eye. Photography is my world, so when I’m not working photographing weddings, families & portraits, I’m usually off doing styled shoots or exploring a new country through the lens of my camera.



Where did VBA begin?jpegvpin

In the streets of SE Asia and India back in 2007. Whilst wandering the streets travelling, I realised I had absolutely fallen in love with photography. With a small point & shoot, I captured portraits of strangers and there it all begun. When I returned to England, I trained myself how to use an DSLR and photographed everything around me and from that VBA was born.

My photography is all about telling a story. Your story. I like to blend into the party and go unnoticed, so I can catch those genuine moments of raw emotion.




The VBA Journey

First things first, tea & cake! After we’ve had a chat over the phone, we’ll organise a date to meet in person over something sweet. This is a great opportunity to talk in detail about what your looking for, what I can offer and to see if we’re a good fit.

I’ve been very fortunate to have been featured in some prestigious magazines and blogs such as Lace In The Desert and My Lovely Wedding.