Provence Wedding Day Timeline: A Rough Guide

Struggling to create a wedding timeline for your Provence Wedding? Look no further as after years of experience, I thought I would share with you this rough guide. 

If you have a wedding planner then they will help you but it’s incredibly important to understand how to incorporate the time needed for photos into your wedding schedule. I always organise a call with my couples prior to the wedding day to discuss their timeline and ensure that we have carved enough time for photographs at important times for the light. 

Please keep in mind that everything is flexible. Ultimately,  your photographer is there to do whatever it takes to make your day perfect and to capture the photos that mean the most to you. Also, if you’ve booked a wedding videographer then you may need more time to allow for both photo and video. 

Groom Preparation – 20mins

The boys normally head to the ceremony early to greet the guests, so I always recommend to capture the Groom and Groomsmen photos first. Ideally when the photographer arrives you want the boys to be showered and ready for their photos. As with the girls, please make sure that everything you want photographed such as clothes, shoes, rings, gifts etc are ready and organised for your wedding photographer. Ask your florist to have the boys flowers ready in the room for the photographer to capture. 

Bridal Preparation – 1 – 2hours

Photographing the girls getting ready is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day! Please ask your bridesmaids to keep the room tidy, so we can capture perfect images. Also, have a bottle of champagne and glasses ready, so you can crack open a bottle before you put the dress on. Don’t forget to have a beautiful hanger (such as this Vintage Brass Hanger) for your dress and a pretty ring box

Pre-Ceremony – 15mins

Try and put your dress on and do the first look with your Dad or a loved one 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. That way, I have time to head to the ceremony area and get photos of the guests arriving, a few set-up details, and of course, the groom nervously waiting! It’s also an opportunity to introduce myself to the celebrant. 

The Ceremony – TBD (all depends on the type of ceremony but average time is 30mins)

For the First Kiss, please ask your celebrant to kindly step aside, so we can get that shot with just the two of you! I’d recommend considering an unplugged wedding to avoid a sea of i-phones in the air for the ceremony shots. When you’re walking back down the aisle, don’t forget to hold hands and enjoy every moment, finishing with a big kiss at the end of the aisle. For the confetti shot, make sure that the people closest to the aisle have the most confetti and always have more than you think you need for a fabulous confetti shot. I also recommend doing the Big Group photo of the whole wedding party immediately after the ceremony as it saves time trying to gather everyone together again during the cocktails. Ask your celebrant or Master of Ceremonies to announce this before the ceremony begins. Having a Provence wedding during the summer normally means hot weather and strong Summer light. So, I always recommend to my clients that they start the ceremony no earlier than 3PM in order to avoid the mid-day heat. 

Family Photos – 10mins

Keep your formal photo list short as this is always the most boring part for the couple! You just want immediate family such as parents, siblings, grandparents, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. That way you can all enjoy the cocktails and party! I send my clients an example list for them to personalise and advise them if it’s too long. We can take pictures with your separate groups of friends during the Cocktails more casually. Please assign two people with the task of organising these groups of people, so the photographer can concentrate on getting the shots. 

Wedding Party Photos – 30mins

I like to have fun with these photos. Rather than getting boring, staged photos, I like to create an environment for energetic and natural shots with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. So, it’s good to allow for at least 30mins. It’ll be worth it when you see the photos, I promise! 

Couple Photos – 30mins 

Your Wedding day can be a little overwhelming with everyone congratulating you and the ceremony nerves. This is a perfect opportunity to take time away from your wedding party to actually celebrate privately as a married couple. So use this time to enjoy each other, have a smooch and laugh about what’s happened so far. 

Cocktails – TBD (Normally around 1.5/2hours)

This is very relaxed, I’ll photograph you chatting and dancing with guests. I’ll capture the ambience with the musicians, the food, the decoration and lots of candid shots of your loved ones. Basically, you can forget about me and hopefully won’t even notice that I’m there! 

Sunset Couple Photos – 30mins 

Oh the Golden hour at a Provence wedding is always sublime and this is when we create the most beautiful images for you both. These wedding photos will be sometime in the hour before the sunset, so please make sure to factor this into your schedule. I work with my couples ahead of the Wedding day to advise them on the best time for these. 

I hope this helps you plan your dream destination Provence wedding in France. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me – 

Abbi x

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