Provence Lavender Photoshoot, South of France

South of France lavender photo shoot with Provence photographer Visuals by Abbi.

When to Visit the Lavender Fields in the Provence

Every summer the South of France bursts with colour from the iconic purple lavender fields. The season is short as come mid July the farmers start harvesting the lavender for oil. So, if you want to visit the lavender fields for a Provence Lavender Photo shoot make sure to be here from mid June to early July. Photographer’s in the area get booked up for these few weeks months in advance, so be sure to contact them asap.

The Best Time to Plan Your Lavender Photoshoot

I always organise my Provence lavender photo shoots for the golden hour light, either an hour after the sun rises or hour before it sets. So, in June and July these times are around 6AM for sunrise and 8.30PM for the sunset session. My favourite is sunrise, despite the early alarm clock, the light and colours are so soft and you avoid the crowds! 

Where are the Best Locations for Lavender in the South of France

There are two fantastic locations where you can book your Provence lavender photoshoot. Either in the Luberon or Valensole.  My favourite fields are in the Luberon. You can make a day of it and visit some of the stunning hilltop villages such as Gordes or Bonnieux.

P.S. Dogs and pets are always welcome on the photoshoots! I love animals, so it’s a good excuse for me to have a cuddle with them. Plus animals always make you feel more relaxed if you have some nerves being in front of the camera!

Example Provence Lavender Photo Shoots below:

Gemma Luberon

The Bellamo Family

Brianne Family

If you’d like to book your Provence Lavender Photo Shoot then please message me through my contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you! Abbi



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