Embracing French Wedding Traditions at your Destination Wedding in France

Destination wedding in France at Villa Baulieu featuring vintage provence car and beautiful wedding stationary.

French wedding traditions are a great way to add a touch of authenticity to your destination wedding in France. Here are some French wedding traditions that you can incorporate into your Wedding Day:


An essential part of any French celebration, especially weddings! The most common tradition is the Champagne tower, or the fontaine de Champagne, which consists of either flutes or coupes arranged in a pyramid shape (by a professional, of course). It also makes for a fabulous photo as seen in Malin & Maxime’s wedding at Bastide de Verez.

Lets Eat Cake

The traditional French wedding cake is called “Croquembouche.” It is a tower of cream-filled pastries held together with caramel. We had one at our wedding and the guests absolutely loved it! My husband’s French from an area called Brittany, so we added a Breton touch by using salted caramel miam miam! My lovely couple Grace and Romain also had a Croquembouche at their wedding at Chateau Plombis.

Food Glorious Food

French cuisine is renowned worldwide, so you create a French-inspired wedding menu using local, seasonal food and wines.

Lily of the Valley

French bridal bouquets often feature lily of the valley, a flower symbolising happiness and luck. So you could incorporate the flower into your wedding tables floral design or bouquets.

Vintage Wedding Car

French couples often leave the reception in a vintage car, such as a Citroën 2CV or a classic Peugeot. You could consider renting a vintage car for your destination wedding in France. Perhaps for the bride’s arrival to the ceremony? It’s a great prop for the photos and video! Provence Classics is a fantastic company to hire a vintage Provence car for your wedding in France.

Love Locks

The tradition of placing love locks on bridges is popular in France, particularly in Paris. You could incorporate this into your destination wedding in France by providing a Love Lock station for guests to write a message.

Just some ideas to help you make your dream destination wedding in France even more original!

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