Bali Family Photo Shoot

So I turned 40 this year! And to celebrate, my school friends and I headed to Bali for some quality time together with our families. We all live in different parts of the world, France, UK, Australia and Singapore, so Bali seemed like the perfect place to celebrate in style!

My dear friend Lisa has lived in Sydney for 15 years now, so needless to say we don’t get to see each other that much. It was such a joy to spend time together and get to know her children. On our last day, we decided to take the children to the beach to capture a Bali Family Photo Shoot!

family photo shoot in Seminyak Bali

If you haven’t been to Bali then you need to go immediately! I was very apprehensive as it seems like everyone is in Bali when you look on instagram. I had low expectations as I’d be told how awful the traffic is, that the beaches weren’t great and it was very touristy. Whilst all these things are true in certain parts of Bali, I absolutely fell in love with this magical island. It had such a fabulous energy and the culture of hospitality means that the Balinese people are so warm and welcoming.

Seminyak was the perfect location to capture a Bali Family Photo Shoot.

Ubud, Bali

Our favourite part of the trip was without a doubt Ubud. A place of reflection, where you’re surrounded by tropical palm trees, vibrant rice fields and temples. Ubud has a spirit that’s truly infectious. Like all beautiful places now, Ubud has been infiltrated by tourists but it manages to still maintain it’s authenticity.

Asia Family Travel

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that we took 2 months off and travelled around South East Asia. We started in Vietnam, then spent three weeks travelling around Laos then crossed the boarder into Cambodia to spend some time on the islands. Finally, we spent a week in Singapore to spend a week with two of my closest university friends. I’ll be sharing my photos from the trip very soon, so keep your eyes peeled to see some more Asia travel inspiration.

If you’re looking for any tips on shooting a Bali Family Photo Shoot or you’ve stumbled along this page and happen to be in the French Riviera and want to capture some photos then send me a message.

Bali family photo shoot

Thanks, Abbi



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